Welcome to Villa Infantil


Villa Infantil is a home for abused, abandoned, or orphaned children on the southern shore of Lake Chapala in Jalisco, Mexico. Here you will find a loving family of 27 children from the ages of 1 to 17 and their dedicated caretakers. The love and respect the children are given are precious gifts that allow them the chance to live joyful and fulfilling lives. Learn more about Villa Infantil.


Villa Infantil depends entirely on the generosity of our supporters. We thank you for your help. Whether you donate your time, a meal, or a monetary gift, all are accepted with gratitude. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.



The History of Villa Infantil


The story begins in April 1996 in a small house in Guadalajara, Mexico, where three sisters of the Order of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Saint Joseph cared for over 30 children, including newborn babies and infants. Some of the babies were without any known families, others were abandoned due to extreme poverty and other circumstances that forced parents to give up their child. Read more


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